2018: Roadmapping meets Portfolio Management

Just before the start of the year, Bicore has moved into a new office overlooking Eindhoven Airport. This triggered a lot of debate about the name of our Portfolio Management solution, FLIGHTMAP, again. This name was selected because it illustrates that a plan is needed to guide an organization to its goals (strategic objectives), but… Read More 2018: Roadmapping meets Portfolio Management

Good project management and good portfolio management tools

PPM tools compromise between project support and portfolio management In my previous post I blogged about the maturation of portfolio management (PFM) as a separate discipline, related to but different from project management (PM). The automatic bundling of both under the PPM acronym (stressing the linkage between these processes) is loosing its value now that we… Read More Good project management and good portfolio management tools

Portfolio Health dashboard

Determining portfolio health According to Cooper et al. (2001) state that portfolio management has the following four objectives: Maximize the value of your portfolio Seek balance in your portfolio Your portfolio must be strategically aligned Pick the right number of projects These portfolio management objectives need to be translated into Key Performance Indicators (KPI-s) so… Read More Portfolio Health dashboard

Three ways to ruin new business programs

Business innovation as the growth option In today’s search for growth, most organizations realize the importance of developing new business. Without growth, there is very little room for development, and growing through acquisitions is at best imperfect, especially in terms of value creation. The main challenge of today’s enterprise is not whether to focus on both running the… Read More Three ways to ruin new business programs

Putting a value on innovation: the CFO perspective

The growing importance of innovation requires new ways to value the R&D asset and project portfolio. Novel tools offer the right combination of actual costs, risks, and business case forecasting for the CFO to do this. This leads to improved decision-making about innovation as investment. CEO’s and CTO’s agree with this view In a recent global… Read More Putting a value on innovation: the CFO perspective