About the FLIGHTMAP blog

Back to blogging

After a pause (that turned to become  two and a half years), the FLIGHTMAP blog is back to live. While visitors kept coming to the blog for references, we have been so busy in the FLIGHTMAP team that the renewal of the blog was pushed back. Now we have enough new energy and bandwidth: our software has become an international portfolio management solution, the team has grown, and we have broadened to address real estate and utility asset portfolio’s in addition to innovation portfolio’s with our combination of software and expertise (thanks to our consulting partners).

Third year of blogging

Looking back on another year of blogging about strategic portfolio management, both the blog and the field are showing signs of growth to maturity. Out in the field as well as online the response to our thinking about portfolio management is more about adoption and less about more fundamental questions such as whether portfolio management is a real and separate discipline. No it is not just a part of PPM, nor of R&D or finance, if anything it is about strategy and execution.

With almost 50 posts, the biggest challenge in 2015 will be to keep innovating. And offering new thoughts (answers as well as questions).

Two years of blogging

In line with first year’s growth, this second year of the FLIGHTMAP blog has seen a steady growth in visits (over a 1000 per month now), followers, and comments, not just on the blog but also in the various LinkedIn groups. By now, the content has grown to over 35 posts, and it was time to rethink how the posts are presented and grouped for convenient browsing (on all devices). The NEXUS tiled theme takes care of that, so this is the new look for the FLIGHTMAP blog. Let me know how you like it.

Update after one year…

When this blog started a year ago, the ambition was to share meaningful opinions and expertise in the innovation portfolio management practice. Even though we would like the blog to get attention for our FLIGHTMAP software solution for portfolio management, it was never about maximizing traffic. Apart from cross-posting some posts in selected LinkedIn groups, the blog was never actively promoted (so no tweets, facebook likes etc.) as the focus was on good content first. This also resulted in a posting frequency of once every 2-3 weeks rather than weekly (the original plan).

With this in mind, the blog has already become a big success. Over this year the audience of this blog has grown to almost 700 per month. The most popular post so far is the one about the five key elements of portfolio management (this one).

The most important results however is that the blog has allowed us to connect to other practitioners and experts around the world in this exciting domain. Thanks for being involved, and looking forward to another year of innovation portfolio management blogging!

FLIGHTMAP Blog statistics

The launching home page text

This blog is about strategic innovation portfolio management to discuss the challenges, processes, tools, practical implementations. Share success stories and lessons learnt, with examples and opinions.

It is run by Bicore, provider of the FLIGHTMAP portfolio management solution.

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